APRIL 15 and 16, 2021

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Paediatric Days
Join the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Paediatric Days on April 15th and 16th in launching OPENPediatrics Rwandan National Neonatal Protocols Curriculum including a lesson on the use of the DREAMWarmer.

Presentations (NATIONAL)

2020  |  “Non-electric Infant Warmer to complement skin to skin care.”
AR Hansen, E Nahimana, A Gadgil. CUGH Conference, Washington DC (published as e-book due to COVID 19). 

2019  |  “Non-electric Infant Warmer to complement skin to skin care.”
AR Hansen. NEST 360 Presentation, RICE University, Houston TX.

2017  |  “Infant Warmer Project: An Inexpensive, re-usable, non-electric innovation for neonatal care.”
AR Hansen, E Nahimana. Saving Lives at Birth Development Change. Washington, DC.

2017  |  “Non-electric Infant Warmer.”
AR Hansen. ICV Investing in African Health Systems. New York, NY.

Presentations (INTERNATIONAL)

2020 – Improving Newborn Care in Rwanda, Neonatal Hypothermia and Medical Device Innovation.
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. London England

2018 – Dream Infant Warmer and OPENPediatrics Rwanda National Neonatal Protocol Curriculum.
Rwanda Ministry of Health Neonatology Stakeholder Meeting. Kigali, Rwanda.

2018 – Hypothermia Prevention and Treatment: The Role of a Non-electric Infant Warmer.
Humanity 2.0 Forum. Vatican City.

2016 – Introduction to the Use and Clinical Study of Non-Electric Infant Warmer.
Rwinkwavu, Rwanda.



Nahimana E*, May L*, Gadgil A, Rapp V, Magge H, Kubwimana M, Nshimyiryo A, Kateera F, Feldman HA, Nkikabahizi F, Sayinzoga F, Hansen A. A Low Cost, Re-usable, Electricity-Free Infant Warmer: Evaluation of Safety, Effectiveness and Feasibility. Public Health Action. 2018; 8(4):

May, L, Nshimyiryo, A, Kubwimana, M, Nahimana, E, Schoen, N, Gadgil, A, Kateera, E, Feldman, H, Nyishime, M, Hansen, A. Performance of a Non-electric Infant Warmer in Rwandan Health Centers. Global Pediatric Health, 2019; 6 (1-10). doi: 10.1177/2333794X19884820