Our Technology

Innovative Technology. Simple Device. DreamWarmer is designed to deliver life-saving warmth.

  • Not dependent on electricity
  • Made of wax that melts at skin temperature
  • Lasts for approximately six hours
  • Target price: $50
  • Reusable with a goal of up to 1000 times
  • Includes insulating protective sleeve

A Simple Device

The DreamWarmer is an easy-to-use, inexpensive, reusable, easily washable, non-electric infant warmer that supports Skin-to-Skin (STS), also known as Kangaroo Mother Care. The warmer is modeled on a heating pad and uses phase change material (PCM) to maintain skin temperature (37°C) for approximately 6 hours. It is constructed of sturdy material with no attached fabric, so that it can be easily cleaned and reused. 

Innovative Technology

Developed by engineers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with subject matter experts at Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH), field-based input from clinical partners at Partners In Health (PIH)-Inshuti Mu Buzima (IMB) in Rwanda, and the Rwanda Ministry of Health (MOH).  

Phase Change Material

The phase change material (PCM) used in this product, PureTemp 37, comprises the DreamWarmer’s core innovation. It is a precise mixture of vegetable oils that changes from solid to liquid at 37°C. The mattress (warming pad) is composed of multiple PCM “candles” designed to become liquid at skin temperature. Once melted, the mattress maintains 37°C temperature until it cools to the solid phase. The mattress is heated by rolling and submerging it in boiled water, making it easy to prepare even in remote settings. Once heated, the warming pad is slid into a neoprene sleeve, which provides comfort and insulation to maximize duration of heat transfer. 

DreamWarmer kits includes:

  • Canister/Thermos
  • PCM mattress
  • Insulating sleeve with built-in temperature indicator

Heat water to boiling (100ºC).

    Fill thermos with boiling water to the fill line indicated.

      Roll PCM mattress and place inside thermos with boiling water. Wait until the wax is melted.

      Remove PCM Mattress and slide into outer protective insulating sleeve. Wait 30 minutes until temperature indicator highlights a “happy baby” face.