Laboratory Testing

DreamWarmer is the most affordable, effective and intuitive warming device for vulnerable newborns in resource-limited settings

Safety and durability are a top priority for products designed for use among vulnerable populations. With this in mind the DREAM Infant Warmer has been developed to meet the highest standards and has successfully undergone significant testing both in the laboratory and field settings to ensure there is no risk of toxicity, irritation, or skin sensitization.

Phase Change Material in the Inside

The phase change material (PureTemp37) that comprises the candles is made from USDA-certified vegetable oil that is non-hazardous and safe for transport. It has been tested to perform for 10,000 cycles. Durability tests were also performed to confirm that the phase change material would not leak. In these tests, the candles in the Infant Warmer were repeatedly subject to heavy weights, horizontal and vertical drops, rapid cooling and exposure to bleach.

External polymer film on the outside

DreamWarmer’s outside cover of the pad is certified by USDA and FDA to hold air, fluids, and vacuum, and withstand very high temperatures. The plastic was tested by submerging each sample in boiling water for 30 minutes and cooling for 10 minutes. There was no apparent wear or melting in these tests.

The insulating mat is made from non-toxic foam and neoprene

Each of these components is manufactured in the United States. Initial laboratory tests of thermal performance indicate that under the estimated conditions of use, the DreamWarmer functions as expected.